Retriever field trials

The first and the last field trials this year for us, but I’m over the moon. All my dogs got Ist prizes!

Labrador retriever LOVE ME TENDER BASTETA “Eta” (Stenveys Get Popular & De Anrit Dinastiya) level A, Ist prize, 65/72 points, 2nd place! She is only 8 month old and was the youngest participant With that she got permission to compete in level B next year.

level B:

Labrador retriever CHICAGO ASHBURN BASTETA “Bijou” Ist prize, 3 place with 130/140 points!

Flatcoated retriever BELINDA BLUE-EYED BABE AT BASTETA “Tia” Ist prize, 2 place with 132/140 points!
Retrievers field trials

Retrievers field trials